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'International Deluxe Edition' 


Audio Reign:

Seasoned performers since forming in 2011, this lineup is adept and versatile – able to switch from high octane tracks like Betrayal to intense slow-burners like the emotionally-charged Senses. Recent performances with the hugely successful (US) rockers ‘Skillet’ & ‘Pop Evil’ have demonstrated the bands ability to hold their own at this level and highlights the recognition this band is receiving, confirming they are ready to explode! With an incredible live show, a loyal and growing fanbase, and a repertoire of their most electrifying material to date, there is so much potential coursing through Audio Reign that their future could very well be to preside at the top echelon of Australian rock. That journey, long and arduous as it may be, starts right here with one of the best hard rock debut albums of the year.


Audio reign is:

Ashley Lovett (bass/backing vocals), 
Jake Fleming (vocals/rhythm guitar), 
Alek Dyrynda (lead guitar), 
Dieter Schoell (drums/backing vocals) 

 "ANGEL" New Single

 Free hand signed poster card and glow pick, for pre sale orders.

Audio Reign's 


Reaction Video from Iridium Rock and Metal reviews

Audio Reign's


(radio edition) on the 'International Deluxe Edition'